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As a figurative sculptor I take my inspiration from the grace and dynamics of movement and the abundant variety of form found in nature.

Personality and behaviour play an important part in my work and through observation I try to bring out the inherent character of my subjects. My first love is animals and my gallery ranges from wild to domestic creatures.

 I also specialize in dog portrait commissions.

I work initially in clay which gives me the freedom to explore and change my ideas and adds
spontaneity to the final pose.

From these clay sculptures I make a mould so that the piece can be cast in a limited edition in whichever material my client requires. It can be resin, bronze, cement or even glass.

Some sculptures are cast in resin and recycled glass which reflects and refracts the light adding a depth and sparkle to the piece.

I have found a certain satisfaction in taking the masculinity of car windscreen glass and transforming it into soft and sensual feminine forms.

I live and work in England and France

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